Monday, November 1, 2010

Latest Family Shots

We got a family stop at Petey's. The softshell twins were down to $14.59! Everyone but Jill partook in these delicious crustacians. They were so sweet and delicious - don't miss them this season.

Jilly was excited and happy when I got to NH - she came with Grammy and Grampa to pick me up at the bus station. And that night we played, Jilly showed us her Tinkerbell pajamas and her favorite toys.
Jilly found some princess dresses in storage in the basement - always a good thing to shop in your own closet I say!
We went shopping at the mall to get a new winter coat - after a few days with no naps, it was a challenging trip, but I love this photo of Grammy and Jilly on their way to the store, hand in hand :)

One day it was rainy and not very nice out. Jilly and I went to Rumble Tumble, and she is big enough now that she can run around on her own. I was especially touched to see her helping a younger girl throught the big rumble tumble maze.