Monday, February 21, 2011

Leftovers are my favorite!

I love leftovers. I think they are the key to getting a meal on the table during the week. Not having to prepare more than one special dish, or sometimes anything at all feels pretty good after walking back from the train.

Brunch is a traditional time to use leftovers. Rick loves steak and eggs, and I love potatoes. So this morning we had a nice holiday treat!

I thinly sliced left over baby red potatoes, and sauteed them in a nonstick pan with a little butter.

When they were done, I added some thinly sliced steak to the pan. I had undercooked this steak for planned leftovers, so the heating didn't over cook this NY strip. That would have been a sin!

After the steak was heated, I added eggs to the pan with a scosh more butter. This is one time where Rick and I agree - over easy is the way to go!

Sprinkle it all with a bit of sea salt, and it's perfect. For some reason Rick feels the need to add ketchup, but that is his plate.