Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ann comes to visit!

This weekend my friend Ann (also my matron of honor) took time off work and away from her family for a laid back girls weekend which I enjoyed immensely. It was my job to be the fun director, and Ann told me she had fun, so the weekend was a SUCCESS!

Ann arrived about 7:00 on Friday night - she took a bus from Nashua to Boston and the Acela from Boston to NYC, and a cab to our apartment. Once she took her backpack off, and put her feet up for a minute, she took a picture from the window of our apartment.

She and I went out for a supper at Genesis (Rick wanted pizza and video games:) - I love the burgers here, but it could be that New Yorkers are just not afraid of an actual medium rare burger - I order them medium everywhere and they are pink and juicy, unlike Portsmouth where they are dried out hocky pucks unless you go to the Rusty Hammer.

We did some people watching ( is there a university near here??) and relaxed and chatted. It was so nice to have a friend from home here in the city with me :) We got back to the apartment, and got everything situated for a good night's sleep.

The next morning we took a nice walk over the central park, and made our way to the resevoir.

We did a short walk around, and then went to Blooming Nails for a mani/pedi. We both agreed it had been too long since we had done that! We went back to the apt, and got our selves together for some shopping - we went to a place on 105th street - Ashley Stewart - I saw it on TLC's What Not To Wear - not going there again as we found nothing.

Then we changed in to our sneakers, and made our way to Ookie Sushi for lunch. All I can say is YUM! Way worth the salty soy sauce I love on the Tuna and cucumber roll I had. Ann had the Chicken Teriyaki - it was very tasty as we shared :) Great salad dressing!

We took the subway down to Canal Street and shopping/looking/enjoying the day we meandered up to Union Square. We decided we liked the Anthropologie store the best - some of everything there! But visited lots of stores and had fun :).

In Union Square we were very thirsty so we went to the Heartland Brewery and enjoyed a beer - it was perfect as we were hot, and the bar was cool with air conditioning! Ann remembered that her son Matt was interested in seeing Pokemon Central, so we made a few calls trying to find out the location of this phenomenon in NYC. We found the corporate headquarters, but no Pokemon Central. Maybe next time.

We got back to the apt, and got ready for dinner - we all went to Taco Taco - and found they had marvelous margaritas, very tasty mojitos, and tasty guacamole. I was the only one who liked the mole sauce, though :)

After watching some of the original Fantastic 4 movie (thank you TiVo!), we crashed, incredibly tired from all that shopping!

Sunday morning we all woke up late - coffee started around 7:30, and we read the Sunday NY Times and snacked on some sweets from Starbucks. I should have gone to the bakery across the street, but frankly I forgot it was there until after I left Starbucks. Next time :)

After some reading, coffee, sweets, snoozing and more snoozing, Ann and I went to Timothy's on the River for brunch. We were surprised to learn that mimosas and bloody mary's can't be served prior to noon in NYC - learn something new everyday! We did get to have a bloody mary dessert after our tasty omlets.

Ann packed up her back pack, and we took the subway to Macy's. Ann said "this really is the largest store in the world!". Ann found a pretty casual dress and an awesome Calvin Klein t-shirt - me, nothing. I'll go back later. Then we walked across the street to Penn Station so Ann could catch the Acela back. It was about 5 minutes late, but I have a feeling she'll enjoy the 3.5 hour ride with her book and no demands :) Thanks Mike for stepping up so she could come.