Tuesday, August 9, 2011

... you will be happy forever

"If you wait to be happy, you will wait forever.
If you are happy now, you will be happy forever."
- Sally Huss (c) 1990

Dear reader,

Suzette Anna (King) LaFleur, author of this blog and my loving wife, unexpectedly passed away on May 9th, 2011. Words cannot begin to describe my overwhelming sense of loss over the last three months. Instead, in this venue, I would write a few words about this blog and what it meant to her.

Suzee created this blog as a way to share our grand adventure of moving to Manhattan.  If you have read through the entries, you have had a taste of her passion for fine food, good music, and a love of life.  In the city, where every street held something to see or do - a new restaurant, shoe store, or street fair - she was truly in her element. Life was good and that is what she wrote about.

She was not immune to the hardships of the world around us, rather it was Suzee’s decision that this blog would be focused on the positive. It would be her affirmation to the world. There was just so much to be thankful for.

Suzee also found a new joy in describing for others those things that made her happy. People from around the world were reading her posts and cheering her on. It is true that a joy shared is a joy multiplied many times over.

I know that it would be Suzee's deepest wish that you would, in turn, celebrate your life and your love for each other. Take the time to find the magic in the day to day. When you find some joy, smile wide, laugh loud, and share it - be the messenger of joy that others can look to.

Wishing you well,

Rick LaFleur

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