Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kathy and Sarah Come For a Girls Weekend!

I met Kathy and Sarah in the Largest Store in the World - also known as Macy's :) Shopping was in progress and Sarah had picked out a couple items including a very cool green DKNY jacket.
Sarah paid for her purchases, and we decided we were HUNGRY! We went to Legends on 33rd street in Murray Hill. Kathy and I had burgers and Sarah had a crab and shrimp melt. There was live Jazz playing - a little loud, but nice - and we enjoyed our meals :)
After lunch we strolled down 34th street and Sarah tried on some cute sunglasses at American Eagle. We went back to Macy's to do some more shopping and tried on a bunch of stuff, and after a while we were beat. We walked up to Kathy & Sarah's hotel and laid down for a while and watched half a movie. That revived us!
Sarah wanted to see Ground Zero, so we took the 1/2/3 down to Chambers Street - unfortunately there is nothing to see - it was all wrapped so you can't look in to the rubble. Since we couldn't see anything we took a tour of Century 21. We didn't get anything - it was too painful waiting in line :)
It was great to see them and spend the afternoon. Happy Birthday Sarah!