Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Suzee's Hot Chili Salad

Last night I wanted to make a small quicky version of chili and serve it over a salad. I don't make salads for myself, and since generally I'm not out and about at lunch time, I don't buy them either. I do really like them, but Rick will generally have salad every day for lunch, and when he gets home, he prefers something warm. I was thinking that since the chili was warm, I'd be all set.

My Fresh Direct order came, and I had ordered some swiss chard and some cabbage. We like sauteed greens, and cabbage all sorts of ways (though my favorite is roasted with a little olive oil and salt :). Hmmm....I could make a hot salad with that.

I sliced up half of the cabbage and all the chard, saving the stems. I just sauteed the greens with olive oil and garlic. Yes - since it's all in season the greens were sweet and delicious. I chopped those stems, sauteed them and added them to the chili. And I served this on a plate with a healthy portion of the greens and topped it with the chili. I really liked this, but Rick was not so thrilled.

That merely means I got to have the left overs all to myself at lunch today :)