Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girls Night The Musical - an evening of laughter and fun!

I was able to get Tickets from Theater Extras to see Girls Night. My friend Kathy from work said her girlfriend went and was dying to go again, so that sounded like a good recommendation to me!

My friend Marlene was available to join me as well, so it was a great night to catch up. We hit Pomaire first - very nice :)

The show is in the club downstairs below Sophia's. I would not call this a nice venue. It was hard to see the stage, despite the addition of risers to the dance floor.

But, for what you lost in the venue, you make up for in the show. Girls night is fun and fluffy in a girly kinda way. There are parts that remind us that life is not easy, but over all it is a comedy that celebrates fun and frolicing. The music is fun 80's disco, and the story is set in a Kareoke bar, so it all makes a great flow.

When you decide to go, go soon as it closes 8/1/2010, and go early as seating is general admission. We arrived at 7:30 and were in the second to last row. And, be ready to participate!! It is a fun time :)