Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Favorite New Gadget!

In my very small kitchen, I have to find space where ever I can. And that damn salad spinner was taking A LOT of space! I did use it very frequently. Here in the city I can get really good looking herbs, so I use them a lot. After a nice bath, I'd spin them up for use in some experiment.

I think it was Jamie Oliver in his Cooking At Home series where I realized, hey! I can spin them in a clean kitchen towel! And that takes so much less space! That means I can add 2 martini glasses to my cabinet's easy to reach storage! Woo!

Just place the herbs/lettuce/greens in the center, draw up the 4 corners, and hold on to those corners while you whip that towel around like a Solid Gold Dancer! The centrifugal force spreads the clean water all around the kitchen (which surprisingly doesn't bother me as it isn't much), and any remaining dirt stays in the bottom of the towel. The herbs lift out, gorgeous and ready for consumption.

I'm always looking for more space saving ideas - what do you do to limit your kitchen clutter?