Friday, October 22, 2010

Suzee's Roasted Coleslaw

You all know my desire for quick and painless weeknight meals, and in my opinion, a meal doesn't count unless veggies are included. This is one of our favorite sides. Easy to make, and cabbage has a nice full life in the fridge :) This dish will surprise you with it's fresh sweet taste - be sure to try these ribbons of love!

1/2 head of green cabbage
1 large sweet onion
1.5T olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Heat the oven - this dish is so forgiving you can do it on many heats, just change the timing.
If at 450, roast for 15 minutes
If at 400, roast for 25 minutes
If at 350, roast for 45 minutes

Core and slice the cabbage in to strips, separating them in to ribbons
Peel and thinly slice the onion from root to tip so they also resemble ribbons.
Roll the cabbage and onions on a sheet pan in the olive oil. Top with salt and pepper.
You don't have to line with foil, but I do to limit clean up needed.

Once you taste this side dish, you will appreciate the beauty of this photo! Enjoy!