Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rick's Pineapple and Ham Appetizer

Rick had the idea the other night to have pineapple wrapped in ham - sweet and salty - one of my favorite combinations. I was shopping on the Fresh Direct web site (oh grocery delivery is a true gift of living in NYC) and I saw that capicola and thought, what the heck? I'd never tasted hot capicola ham before, so for that reason alone I had to order a bit.
Now, if you haven't had hot capicola ham either, it is SPICY! :) Luckily, my other favorite flavor combination is sweet and spicy!

I peeled and cored the pineapple, taking care to remove all the eyes - it gave me a good 4 cups of spears for it's $3.99 price. We'll enjoy it without the ham as well!

Just wrap the spear with a small piece of ham, and secure with a pick. I got these bamboo picks from Pearl River Mart if you find yourself in town :)

I wanted a dipping sauce as well, so I took 1T of sour cream and added a couple shakes of cumin and a couple shakes of coriander, and mixed it up. Very nice :)

I know this is a crazy combination of foods - ham from Italy, fruit from the Pacific Islands, and spices used in Spanish and Turkish cooking, but somehow it works :)

What are your "strange and flavorful" combinations???