Sunday, March 15, 2009

Antiques and Art Show - Pier 94

Saturday was a nice morning - I decided to head over to a big Antique and Art show over at Pier 94. I took the 6 down to 59th Street and then walked over to 55th and 12th. It was a pretty quick walk, though I probably would head down to 55th earlier than I did.

The show was generally organized in timeframes - old stuff (1800's, turn of the century, mid century, 60's, 70's, 80's up to current) and a whole section for fashion.

I perused the hall - parts were like a very expensive flea market and others were astonishing. There were these antique champagne flutes that were made in a glass factory in East Germany. The factory was closed before WW I and no body went in after WWII. Once the wall came down, these glasses - so finely etched, and with decorative glass strands, and a petite pre-war size - were found. You could buy one for $175. They were beautiful and unique, but I didn't have it :) I did enjoy looking at them, almost like in a museum.