Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Joint Empty

Here is the 625 feet we will be signing for on March 31. We'll have the distict pleasure of paying a mortgage, maintenance fee, taxes, electric and gas :)

Here if our new everything room, and you can peek to the door way on the left, that is the entrance to the kitchen. Around that corner is the bath and bedroom. And we get 4 windows with a strange window seat too. The window seat would be so much nicer if it went from one side all the way to the other, rather than the 2 little sections. Maybe we'll change that.

Here is the kitchen - about half the size of what we have now, but uses space well. It includes the dishwasher and microwave as well as the other applicances, but I think I'm alittle concerned about using the microwave since it's so old. We can always use the stove and oven until we replace the applicances.

Believe it or not, this bathroom is actually bigger than our current one. Don't you love the silver counter tops? They are hot :)

Here is the bedroom - it will hold our king sized bed, but not much else. That closet looks awfully small, but it is a walk-in. I need to start figuring our how we will store all our stuff :) Thank goodness for space bags.

Once we close, I'm planning to paint. A nice khaki color for the living room (actually Devonshire from Ralph Lauren) and a taupe color for the bedroom (Wisp of Mauve from Benjamin Moore). I think the bedroom will look nice with the new chocolate brown bedspread :)
We are planning to live here for a few months before we make other changes - like updating the kitchen and bathroom. Of course, it will also be after I get back to work so we can pay for it!
I'll post a nice picture of the view of the Crysler Building once we move in - the night view is just gorgeous.