Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We Got 8 Inches!

The kiosk at the East entrance of Central Park at 90th street - in nicer weather there are flyers about the different programs offered in the park (bird watching, biking, running, etc.). In the background you can see the Guggenheim. These steps lead to the running track which circles the resevoir.

Folks were taking photos - this is the most snow the city has seen in years.

I can't imagine where people store their snow toys. I can see maybe they just buy new sliders each winter, but those cross country skis would be pretty costly to replace on an annual basis. I suppose they could stand in the back of a closet, but that is where I store my vaccuum.

This is the kind of graffiti I especially appreciate.

And when there is still room, I particiate too :)