Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eryc Taylor Dance at the Ailey Citigroup Theater

Yesterday my friend Jessie asked me to join her at the Eryc Taylor Dance premier - she had asked me weeks ago, but I'm not really in to dance, so I had declined. A mutual friend was going to go, but at the last minute was unable, so Jessie offered me the ticket again. I figured - what the heck?

I met Jessie when she exited the Path - it took about a half hour for her from Journal Square to reach Herald Sq. We took the R up to 47th and 6th and walked to Posh to meet her friend John Wilson. John was able to secure discounted tickets through his myriad of connections and we like discounts :) We got a couple of strange looks as we entered the bar, but ordered some cosmos and were thrilled that at happy hour a cosmo is only $4! Woo! I can't think of another single solitary place where you can get a cosmo for $4 - in Manhattan or out!

The group of 8 or 9 folks gathered and had cocktails, and talked about what we were about to experience. None of us were familiar with the group or it's work. If you are interested, I found this you tube clip that is a great example. We gathered ourselves and made our way to the theater on 55th and 9th.

The show was a compilation of 4 premier pieces and 2 previews. The show was about 40 minutes long (perfect for me) and it was a nice variety of music, group dance, duets and solo pieces. There was a reception after the show with nibbles and prosecco where we got to meet some of the patrons of show. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show very much. The choreography was intriguing, and the costumes simple but well thought out. Ah - to look fabulous in whisps of red chiffon ;)

After the reception, Jessie and I stopped at a little noodle shop she knew of - Mee on 53rd and 9th. We got an order of chicken fried rice and steamed dumplings to share. The fried rice was salty, and the dumplings were made with a thick dough rather than the thin which I prefer, but we got to sit and talk and visit. And we didn't have a problem eating it all. Another bonus - I picked up the check which was $11.40. I left a good tip since the waitress filled our water glasses frequently.

We walked back to the train station and took the N back to 33rd Street. I walked home and was surprised that Rick was waiting up for me :) We crawled into bed way too late for a school night, but boy - that was a lot of fun!