Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Murray Hill Pub Crawl

We were shopping, and Ann was thirsty. We decided to find lunch around 1:30 or so. I hadn't been to Rattle 'n Hum yet, but thought the numerous beer taps would make Ann happy :) While looking for this locale that I had passed numerous times, I struggled a bit to find it. Ann stopped and made a call to her son Matt who was returning home from environmental camp.
We found the place and met Andy at the bar, and told him that we were going to a show the next day. He lives in Hell's Kitchen (more thoughtfully called Chelsea now), and made suggestions of places to go after the show :) We had a Rogue Brewing Imperial Red - it was happy hour so we got $1 off. We realized half way through the beer that it was 9% alcohol. Hmmm....that's not a good way to start. It was stinky here, so I really wanted to eat someplace else.

We went to Slattery's Mid Town Pub next, and had some Yuengling. We were going to order an appetizer or some nibblies, but then decided to order a burger and share it. Yum. VGB (very good burger!!).

The bartender comped us these baby shots - orange kamakazis. Yum!

Next we went across the street to The Gingerman. We ordered some nice lager, and perused the menu of 137 beers on tap. This is a serious beer drinking joint.
We noticed a group of guys drinking a lighter colored beer from brandy snifters. It was N'ice Chouffe - very smooooooth and delish! Unfortunately, it was 10% alcohol. How can they still call it beer with such high alcohol content??? Off to the next place.

We made our way to 3rd Ave, and popped into Third and Long. We are pretty chit chatty at this point. I switched to Bud Light knowing I was nearing the end of my capacity. Ann soldered on with something richer.

We were chatting with this guy, and he decided it would be a good idea if Ann had a shot of Patron, so he bought her one. Had to get a photo after that!
Next we went to the 515. I thought maybe we could dance here. Ann thought she lost her camera, and we looked everywhere for it. I went back to Third and Long and looked and couldn't find it. Then she went over. She finally found it in her pocket! Now we knew it was time to go home.