Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wolfgangs on Park Ave

Wolfgang's Steak House on Park is a very relaxing neighborhood steakhouse. We decided to go there last minute tonight. I was in the mood for a nice cosmo, and some beef. Not sure why, since I don't cook fish at home and I love fish, but there you go.
We walked in and it was that strange time between lunch and dinner (you know - 6:00 pm) and service was a little spotty. We were rushed through our drink orders, and ordering dinner. We received our drinks, and then our salads. Not too long later we got the bread basket and butter. We enjoyed our cocktails and salads. I thought yeah - we should have waited to order. Rick asked for the wine list. Rick asked for a Sterling Cabernet and the waiter noted there were 2 Sterling Cabernets - he offered the nicer one for $20 less. We decided on that wine and it was just delish! We had the house specialty - a steak for 2. We ordered it medium rare, and it came medium well. There are little tags in the meat that tell you what it is - but I guess we had a miss communication. The steak is a porterhouse, and even at medium well, the filet has a pink color. I enjoyed it but would have enjoyed it more cooked to order.
We added mashed potatoes (meh) and sauteed spinach with sliced garlic (yum!). Next time I'd skip the potatoes.
We left without dessert or coffee as at home we had freshly made apple crisp at home :)
I'd come again - the bar area is cute too.