Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bryant Grill Brunch - Delicioso!

Rick and I braved the heat today and headed over to the Bryant Park Grill. We were initially going to sit out side and read, but we realized our tummies were in need of a light little brunch. The lovely basket contained an assortment of mini muffins and tea breads - they were fresh and delicious. Well - the half of one I had was fresh and delicious. Rick said the rest were amazing :)

My omelet had fresh avacado and goat cheese, and it was perfectly cooked, soft and yummy. Fresh slices of tomato and grilled sweet onions were nice accompaniments.

Rick had the scrambled eggs with sausage, home fries and tomato slices - presented so nicely!

Even though it was was warm today, this alfresco brunch was a nice quiet respite in the crazy city. I'm giving it 2 thumbs up!