Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Rick!

Rick's birthday was last night, and I knew he was so in the mood for brownies. So when I got out of work, I ran home and made them :) The whip up quickly, and I stopped at the corner store to get a little whipping cream for the chocolate glaze, and vanilla ice cream to make it just a tad bit more special :) I love these happy birthday candles - I got them at Pier II for $3. When you are older than the number of candles it takes to spell Happy Birthday, then this is the way to go :)

I got a bouquet of balloons to decorate the apartment too. Very festive!

And for dinner, I ordered salad, lasagna, a side of meatballs and garlic bread from the Firehouse pizza place. It worked out really well and since I had already made the brownies, I didn't feel too slug like ordering dinner. I knew Rick would very much prefer to stay in rather than go out. I set the table with nice dishes and opened a nice bottle of Chianti.

Rick's ordering a new monitor for his computer for his present as soon as he figures out which one he wants :)

Happy Birthday lover~ xo