Monday, January 25, 2010

Fabulous Firehouse Pizza

Rick and I have ordered many times from Firehouse Pizza. The guy who answers the phone is always upbeat, speaks clearly, and makes you think someone cares about your food. Delivery is always timely, and only once did we get a different order. Based on the number of times we've ordered, and the quality of the food, I'm willing to overlook that one problem. Actually, I didn't even bother to let them know.

We have ordered almost every kind of pizza they offer (ok - many), and we realized lately that the menu is changing. We ordered 2 small pies so that we could try more flavors! Rick ordered the Taco pizza a number of times (this one is fabulous, but not great the morning after - you have to take off the avacado and lettuce), and meatlovers a bunch of times too (yum!!). We've also tried Old World (one of my fave's!!), buffalo chicken (I liked this one a lot, Rick didn't care for the bleu cheese), BBQ Pizza (really nice spicy sweet bbq sauce, and the chicken is never dried out), chicken and spinach (I asked for a touch more garlic sauce on this one - oh yum!), and Aloha (a type of hawaiian but has both bacon and ham - yummmmm:). I had a couple that were fine that I wouldn't order again - mac and cheese pie - too bland - I only ordered it because I was interested in a carb fest, and lasagne pizza (too soupy -would have been fabulous as a calzone though!)
After all this you may ask - why haven't you blogged about this great Murray Hill haunt? It's been on my list, but today at lunch I realized I just had to spread the word. Last night Rick ordered Lasagne (the pasta not the pie). I had some left overs for lunch. OMG. Wow. I will not be making lasagne again in NYC. This is the best lasagne ever. Try it!