Saturday, January 23, 2010

Honesty Award - Thanks!

My new friend at Fight the Fat Foodie (aka Scott) awarded my blog this honesty award! I like to think that my posts are transparent to my new life here in Manhattan, and this helps to validate that :)

Accepting the reward requires me to tell you 10 honest things about myself and pass the award on to 10 others I feel are honest in their approach to blogging and food. So, here you go:

1. I am really tired of looking for a new job - I want to just find it already.

2. I love puttering around the house while Rick is at work until around noon. Then it gets old.

3. I'd love to find a gospel choir to sing with here in Manhattan, and I really miss my friends in 10 Percent.

4. I'm embarassed by the amount of kitchen and dining ware I sold and donated prior to my move here to Manhattan. As a result of this experience, I know I will live differently going forward no matter where we live.

5. I'd love to move back to Portsmouth, NH where I can enjoy family and friends more frequently, and go to the beach every weekend in the summer, and have a BBQ to cook my favorite Meat House burgundy wine steak tips.

6. I have no idea how people lived in NYC prior to the internet.

7. When I do eventually move from NYC, I will miss walking to the movies, walking to brunch, and walking to the gym.

8. I think after 10 years I will still have more than 50% to learn about NYC despite the fact I learn more and more every day.

9. I love biking, skiing and snowshoeing but I haven't done it in way too long.

10. My next sport to explore is boxing - time to make the Wii work everyday on that! Next year for Christmas I'm going to ask for ice skates (size 9 please!) :)
The blogs I have been enjoying most lately are:
Cheery Tomato Productions - my cousin is a mixed media artist who likes to explore life's questions
Rick LaFleur - My husband likes to record bits and bytes so he doesn't have to remember them
StrumErica: You Gonna Finish That? - Erica writes about NYC dining, cooking and living - her recent post about Gilt was VERY honest :)
Miss Menu - Miss Menu writes about dining experiences all over NYC - she always makes me want to go out!
Mid Town Lunch - LOVE LOVE LOVE this site - lots of good food at noon (or 1 or 2) in midtown Manhattan for less than $10. Also some happy hour posts too!
The Skint - Lots of amazing tips of stuff happening in the city, and how to get it for free or very cheaply. I really wanted to go to the premier of Daybreakers and to the premier party of Caprica!!
NYC Daily Deals - This is a new blog I've started following - I have a feeling I'll be finding some very cool things here :)
NYC Recession Diary - Fun stuff to do in NYC that doesn't cost an arm and 3 legs
NYC Foodie - Lots of reviews of restaurants and clues if you are a solo diner!
Brooklyn Flea - I saw this market on the Martha Stewart show (again - honestly hate mentioning her because she dissed Rachel Ray) and plan on making a visit this spring.

Please do visit these blogs and enjoy their content!