Sunday, January 10, 2010

Suzee's Chicken Pepperoni Bites

Oh my Patriots, you are missing Mr. Welker so much. You aren't supposed to show him that you miss him by how bad you are without him. You are supposed to play hard and do your best! What are you thinking???

After being entirely disgusted in the first quarter, I decided it was time to make some snacks. I wanted to make some buffalo chicken fingers, or buffalo chicken dip, but I was totally out of ranch dressing and bleu cheese dressing.

I had wanted to buy some pepperoni from fresh direct, ad all they had was sandwich pepperoni. I can't imagine making a sandwich with pepperoni - way too sharp for me. So, I ordered it so I could make pizza And actually is it milder than the small circles I usually use. Today I thought, hmmmm I could use those extra large slices to wrap some cheese around chicken! Better than watching the Pats embarass Wes. And I can still hear the game. Here's what I did:

1 lb boneless breast of chicken, cut in bite sized pieces
1/4 lb sandwich pepperoni (about)
1/4 lb provalone slices
14 oz can of pizza sauce (btw - I find pizza sauce to be lower in carbs than regular sauce sometimes)
1/2t McCormick's pizza seasonings from their grinder
1/4t garlic powder
tooth picks

Sautee the chicken breast to cook through
Warm the pizza sauce and add spices.
Wrap each piece of chicken in a 1/2 slice of provalone, and then a piece of pepperoni.
Secure with a tooth pick and place in a baking dish. Snuggle them all up next to each other.
Cover in warm pizza sauce.
Add a couple slices of provalone on top.
Bake at 350 for 10 or 15 minutes to make sure it's all nice and hot.

Enjoy, and be mindful of the toothpicks :) Maybe my Pats will find a way to win yet. Keep the faith!