Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blooms Brunch - Blah

Blooms is a clean and bright deli convenient to Grand Central right on Lex. Rick had been wanting some pancakes, and he had been wanting to try Bloom's Cafe, so this morning I suggested we make our way over for brunch.

I think brunch is not their forte.

Rick ordered the lumberjack breakfast - 2 eggs over medium with sausage and pancakes. He was disappointed in the sausage - it was more of an irish beef sausage than an american breakfast sausage. Seems this is what is served most places we've tried for breakfast here in NYC. He liked the pancakes - he said they didn't have that "bisquick flavor" which he liked. I don't like pancakes myself, so I ordered the monte cristo - an open faced sandwich made on challah french toast with honey ham, turkey and swiss. When my dish was placed in front of me, it was not attractive. It looked like a glob of cheese and french toast on the side. When I tasted it, it was interesting. One of the reasons I selected the monte cristo is that I'd never had one before. I don't think I'll order it again, but it was an experiment :) I would have had eggs benedict if it was on the menu, but it wasn't.

If Rick and I came here again, we'd probably order delivery - one of the deli sandwiches - they are what you see at most NYC delis - sandwiches too tall to put in your mouth. Either that or the burger. They stop delivery at 8:30 pm, so we probably won't be eating here again. It did seem like a nice family place if you like deli's.