Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beef and Bean Stuffed Poblanos

Beef and Bean stuffed Poblanos with Cheese - oh my these were quite amazing tonight :) These peppers are a warm wrap around the tongue, and a delicious one as well. After I blackened the skins of the peppers directly on my gas burners, I put them in a bowl covered with plastic wrap. After they sat for 25 minutes or so, I slipped the skins off the peppers, and cut out the seed pod inside. I left the stem caps on as they look pretty and hold the pepper together.
I mixed 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese with a 1/2 cup of cheese shreds (a mixture of cheddar and jack cheeses) and an xl egg. I put this mixture in my blender (while I really missed my food processor which I would have used if I'd had it), and after working at it a bit, I blended the cheese mixture smooth.
I browned a pound of low fat ground beef, and mixed it with a packet of McCormicks Hot Beef Taco seasoning (yum!).
And the last part of the stuffing was a can of refried beans, heated with water.
I could have stuffed 6 large peppers - I wish I'd been able to get that many because this dish took about an hour to prepare, and if I'd done 6 or 8 peppers, it wouldn't have taken too much longer. And they reheat like a dream! In the peppers I first layered the beans, then the beef and finally the cheese mixture. I topped them all with additional cheese shreds.
Since I didn't have more peppers, I made a 3 layer dip with the remaining ingredients - that will reheat well too!