Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Water Club - The NYC Exerience!

I had the most wonderful dining experience tonight! I made reservations for tonight a couple weeks ago when I found out this was restaurant week. In NYC restaurant week means anybody can go for a wonderful 3 course dinner for $35 per person. Time to be on the look out!
I logged into Open Table to find out which restaurants were participating, and which were close to us.
I looked at the menu and made the reservation, and promptly forgot what was on the menu. I like a surprise - so sue me!
Rick took a cab from Grand Central and picked me up at 36th and Lex. We went over to the Water Club - the cabbie knew exactly where it was. There was a coat check at the entrance, and we went in to the bar. There were a couple of easy chairs and an a couch near the fireplace (if you have a choice, face toward the bar - the chairs with their backs to the bar have a lot of traffic and cold air behind them). The fireplace was warm and romantic, even if the bar was  a little too light. We enjoyed cocktails by the fire and chatted about our day. Next we moved to the dining room - a gorgeous spot with a beautiful view over the east river of Long Island City and the Queensboro Bridge. We had a table facing the river and had a glass of wine while we perused the menu.
We looked over everything, and decided to stick with the prix fixe menu - and why wouldn't we? The Appetizers were Lobster Bisque, Chopped Green Salad or Lobster Salad. Entrees were either 1.25 lb steamed or boiled lobster, Beef Short Rib or  Broiled Salmon. And dessert was key lime pie, chocolate layer cake or creme caramel. Hello??? What a fabulous menu!!!
Rick and I both ordered the lobster salad appetizer - it was served on thin slices of tomato and cucumber, and surrounded with sprouts. It was De Lish! It was probably a day old lobster used in the salad, but serving it on the tomato and cucumber slices made it taste fresh as an hour ago. It was excellent.
For dinner I ordered the lobster. I was surprised and pleased when the waiter cracked my lobster tableside. Rick ordered the beef shortrib - a large hunk of meat - braised with some fat, which he enjoyed more than the fish entrees. I tasted it, and it was much tastier than the wine bar dinner he had not too long ago. My entree came with O'Keefe mashed potatoes - the perfect amount for 2. For dessert Rick chose the key lime pie - it was very lime-y. I ordered the creme caramel, and it was just a fabulous, creamy sweet wonderous end to the meal ;) Guess which one I liked better :)
I'd never heard of the Water Club prior to visiting. It has a summer deck that I'm looking forward to trying. We spent $25 on taxis, and the total dinner, drinks (plus the pre-dinner drink in the bar) came up to about $175. Cheaper than the Steakhouses within walking distance to the apartment, but not as cheap as the southern food place around the corner (Dukes) with spotty service.
Bottom line - I felt like a real NY'er at the water club - the view was gorgeous, and the bar was comfy. I'm looking forward to going again!!