Monday, July 26, 2010

Vacation - ManchVegas!

I made reservations via Open Table for Cotton - I think it's becoming our "go to" place in ManchVegas, also known as Manchester :D

We got a booth at the end where we could laugh and be obnoxious without interferring with all the folks there for a regular dinner. We started with a cocktail, and then ordered lots of good food. I have pictures on my camera phone that are struggling to upload, so perhaps I'll add them later if I feel particularly energenic. The highlights included Ann's crab cakes - she had these burger sized cakes (2 of them) as dinner. They are actually an appetizer, but my goodness, I'd be shocked if someone ate all that and then had dinner afterward. Rick started with a cool blueberry soup - a nice unique starter. Then he had the meatloaf. He wasn't feeling well later so something didn't agree with him, but he liked it while he was eating it! Kathy had the Turkey Schnitzel Ann had last time - that bourbon applesauce will get me everytime. I had the lamb sirloin - cooked so fabulously with some bitter greens. It was excellent.

Our server was right on top of things, bringing everthing we could possibly need (and perhaps a few things we didn't need but really wanted - hahaha!). A great meal.

We moved on from there to Strange Brew - Ann set that up, and they had a great blues band playing. Mike and Rick ended up going back early, and the rest of us stayed out too late, but had so much fun. It's so great to see everyone again :D