Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lady Gaga at Madison Square Garden

On Friday night I made my way over to Madison Square Garden to see Lady Gaga in concert. She added an extra show at the last minute, and yes, it sold out. She's already scheduled to come again in the winter.

The tickets indicated the show started at 8, which I thought was funny because I always had thought they started at 9. The warm up band, a glam rock group a la Queen started at 8 and played for a half hour. At around 9:35 Lady Gaga took the stage. There were a lot of younger kids in the audience (8 - 12 year olds) and that surprised me, but since it wasn't a school night....

Lady Gaga spent a lot of time speaking to her fans (the "little monsters") and assuring them that being different is a good thing. She was kind and sweet when she spoke, and I could see how kids would respond to that. The show it self was entertaining - the sets were elaborate (thus the need for all the talking between songs) and the dancing was just like you see on the videos. The one disappointment was that she sang to her own tracks - not for every song, but for any with the big dance routines. Less than a handful were too new to have the big production, and she accompanied herself on the piano. I kinda miss the days where a live concert was actually live.

At any rate, MSG was a pretty good venue - though I was in the very tippy top row, and I had to scootch down to see the video screen Gaga had installed. For a game, though, the seat would have been great. The permanent jumbo-trons (is that what they still call them?) were easily in sight, and the chairs were pretty comfortable.

A good night of chair dancing :)