Wednesday, May 13, 2009

9 - 5 The Musical

I walked to Times Square yesterday afternoon, and I didn't realize that the New Years Eve ball is actually there all year long :) Cool!

I went to the Mariott Marquis (home of the Marquis Theater where 9 - 5 is playing on broadway) and I was early, so I thought I'd go up to the only revolving restaurant in Manhattan (The View in the Marquis). A wonderful French Martini was served to me, and I enjoyed it prior to the show.

After my cocktail, I walked down to the theater, and made my way to my seat. I was sitting near a group of girls celebrating a friend's birthday - it made me think, hey, maybe I am in a show that will be like Mamma Mia....

After the ushers made them remove the balloons and happy birthday tiarras, the show started. Initially I got a little itchy with the dancing in business attire. And, for women, '70's business attire is very similar to '00 business attire :) Those wrap dresses are the best! But the music - it was awesome. Dolly just hit it out of the park. I'm going to have to go out and buy that soundtrack. I loved hearing a hint of a country twang on Broadway!!!!!!!

The show is very similar to the movie - no surprises there. But Allison Janey in the lead role does an amazing job of the Lily Tomlin role....not at all a singer, but really - I've never heard spontaneous applause in a musical for actual acting. And in that role it was perfect. The Doralee role, originally played by Dolly, was played by Meghan Hilty - my favorite of the show. I love Dolly and she must have listed to Dolly for hours and hours to make the role so much like Dolly. She made it so much more fun!

Both Doralee and Judy (the other character completing the trio) were vocal geniuses. They both came from the show Wicked, as well as the director. It was a first class show.

Congratulations Dolly!!!