Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mom and Pa Go Home Today

This morning Mom and Pa came over from the W hotel and had coffee. I made breakfast for Pa and Rick - a mexican tostada - a Cedar's low carb whole wheat wrap with cheese, refried beans, scrambled eggs and salsa. Smelled yummy, but Mom and I weren't ready to eat yet. We sat around and visited, and Pa went to mass around the corner at The Church of Our Savior.

Rick and I went there for Easter when I took these pictures. They use way too much incense - you can barely breathe. So Mom, Rick and I stayed back at the apartment. I tortured them with hair magazines trying to pick out a new hairstyle. They may have wished they had gone to church instead ;) Pa got back around 12:30 or quarter of 1, and we were ready for brunch. We took them to Dukes for the infamous fish po'boy, though Mom and Rick elected to have the steak sandwich. Even though it rained all day, it was a great visit. We walked them back to their car, and gave lots of hugs goodbye. My father even said he would come again sometime :)