Thursday, May 21, 2009

L'express on Park Avenue - Yum Yum!

Yesterday I walked to Union Square to visit the Farmers Market. Since it was mid-week I wondered if I might see a celebrity chef, but no. It didn't matter - there were lots of spring veggies and flowers along with the usual meats, cheeses, fish and bakery items. I even found some hot house tomatoes and a nice pot of rosemary.

On the way home, I came across this pretty cafe filled with patrons.

I stopped for a open air lunch, looking forward to something fresh and light. I decided on the Frisee salad - it contains the frisee lettuce along with a poached egg and lardons (big french bacon bits freshly cooked!). Oh my - it was so yummy - the dressing was a simple vinegrette, and it had some diced tomato and possibly shaved anise. It was an amazing combination of flavors.

It wasn't until after that I saw the name of the cafe - L'express. What an awful handle for such a delicious locale!