Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Tom and Aggie came to visit NYC today! It was nice to show them the apartment, and do a little bit of sight seeing today. We went to Grand Central Terminal - We looked at the central ceiling with the stars, then we went to Grand Central Market. l asked Mom to pick out a birthday cake - she did fabulously - a white chocolate confection with white cake, custard and strawberry filling and a white chocolate frosting and white chocolate flakes - so yummy! We paid and asked them to hold it while we made our way to 59th street and on to Central Park. We picked up the 4 train and when we exited the subway we came upon a street fair on 60th Street from Lex to 5th. I bought a few pashminas, and a darts game for Rick. Then we rambled around the park - we even came upon the Carousel - gorgeous flowers - the park is so pretty!
We were hungry so we went to the Uptown and had brunch. Mom tried the banana stuffed french toast (I had it too) and it was so good! Pa had the Greek Omlette (spinach tomato and feta) which looked really good until he spread mustard across the entire thing. I didn't ask for a bite.

We came home with the cake, and had a few happy hour cocktails. And then we ate the cake - oh - as good as advertised!!!

They are staying in the city at the W hotel - beautiful room. I would definitely recommend the hotel to anyone wanting to stay in the Murray Hill area (39th and Lex). Beautiful!