Friday, May 8, 2009

Ziegfeld Theater and Opening Weekend of Star Trek

Rick decided to take today off and make a long weekend since his class starts on Monday, and he won't have any free weekends for 7 more weeks. We had been talking about it because the new Star Trek movie starts this weekend, and we could go to the first show of the day if he took today off. So the realization of class was the frosting on the cake.
We decided to go to the Ziegfeld Theater, which Rick's boss Dan recommended. It is the only theater in town that is not a multi-plex, and it has digital projection. We walked to 54th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue, and arrive about an hour before the show. We were pleasantly surprised to be #2 and #3 in line even after leaving to get a breakfast snack before the show and returning to the line. Ahhhhh, the benefits of a matinee :)
The theater has been completely refurbished, and is reminiscent of what made a large old movie theater fun - those velvet covered walls, velvet seats, and the size - the theater stretched from 54th Street all the way to 55th Street. The project and sound was everything advertised :) The movie was really good too!
After the show, we sauntered back towards home, stopping at the Barnes and Noble on 46th and 5th, and then at Dukes for a few snacks on the outdoor patio. Rick had a couple of Fireflys (a vodka made in South Carolina flavored like iced tea mixed with lemonade - delish!) and I stuck with the safely watered down bud light. We had the piggly wigglies (cocktail hotdogs wrapped in puff pastry - yum!), and then tried the chicken quesadilla (also very tasty), and the buffalo chicken fingers (not nearly as good as Paddy's in Portsmouth who may have the absolute best chicken tenders on the face of the earth when ordered with honey mustard).
It was nice to sit outside, enjoy the warm air with just a little breeze while Rick explained his desire to use the new MVC platform instead of the existing ASP platform when working on his next project. Since I have been starved for technical conversation as I haven't been working, we discussed the risks, benefits and long term possibilities. Yeah, too geeky for words on a vacation day, but what can you do?