Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Fun In June

I went to Water Taxi Beach to see the first annual Paella Parade - I got there at noon, and they already had closed the doors for folks who hadn't already purchased a ticket online. Bummer. I took some pictures of this new location of the Water Taxi Beach. It would be more aptly named Water Taxi Sandy Dock. Maybe I'll walk by sometime, but I seriously doubt I'll pay the $20 cover for the pleasure of walking on sand rather than the boardwalks of Pier 17.

I had to take a photo of the water taxi - so cool to see the taxi yellow boat :)

There were a few folks riding sea-doos on the East River - looked like lots of fun!
I walked to the opposite side of Pier 17, and loved the Latin Dance extravaganza! Lots of kids were lining up for their chance of dancing on stage in their incredibly cute costumes ;) It was lots of fun to see so many folks out to support these kids.