Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Tour of Jersey City

I am no longer a PATH virgin. :)

The PATH is a train connecting Manhattan to New Jersey, and it runs similarly to the subway. Jessie emailed and suggested getting together for the afternoon and lunch in Jersey City. As you can imagine, I was all over that like white on rice. Once I figured out what train to take (courtesy of the little phones on the platforms), I rode out to the Grove Street stop. Jessie brought her sister, Marianna, and I met them at The Hard Grove Cafe - right across the street from the PATH station. Jessie let me know that Cuban Cuisine is most known for roast pork - sounded good to me. And I'll tell you think - it tasted AMAZING! There was a citrus flavor and a spicyness that I couldn't quite put my finger on....Jessie explained it was Goya Sazon with annato (con achiote). You rub it in with a little oil and citrus, and let it marinate overnight. The pork cut is a pork shoulder with the bone (not a smoked shoulder). I haven't seen this cut, but I'll have to be sure to keep a look out for it and for that spice - delish! The other thing at the Hard Grove Cafe that got high praise was the sangria! Woo! Normally I am not a huge sangria fan, but wow, this stuff was sweet, but not too sweet, and savory, but not too savory....If you go, you won't be sorry if you order a pitcher with friends. (you will be sorry if you order a pitcher just for you)
Jessie and Mari are throwing a big party on Saturday - Jessie's son graduated from High School (yes she was 7 when she had him - ha, ha!) and Mari's son is turning 21 (Mari was 9!) Anyway, we did some errands, which was a very nice tour of Jersey City.
After the day, I took the PATH from the Pavonia / Newport station (where there is a Mall very close by with Sears, JC Penney
and Macy's in it, but no Target or Wal Mart darn...).
It was so sweet of Jessie to give me a call, and a tour! I know they will have a great day for the party! I put in a good word with the Weather Goddess :)