Monday, February 22, 2010

Girly Shopping with Kathy, Sarah and Michele

Kathy, Sarah and Michele met me at the 32nd Street entrance to Macy's for an afternoon full of shopping! We made our way to the Junior department on 4 - once Sarah and Michele were safely ensconced in the clearance area, Kath and I went up a couple floors to do some of our own shopping! After a few hours, and many cell phone check ins, we took our well won spoils over to Legends for a good shopping day lunch! I had the steak salad, Kath went for the fish and chips, Sarah had the sliders, and Michele had the macaroni and cheese - we ate well, and were thankful to rest our feet!! Next we took a cab over to Times Square so Sarah and Michele could shop more - after a couple stores Sarah kindly treated us to coffee at Starbucks. Kath and I took a seat in the new chairs on Broadway, and the girls shopped even more. We were going to hit Madame Toussauds, but everyone was TOO TIRED from our big game hunting!! What a great day. Hope you drive back to Foxwoods safely Kath!!