Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Macaron Cafe - ooh-wee - these are good!

While I was with Kathy and her gang this week, and we were making our way back to the parking garage when I stumbled upon the MacarOn Cafe on 161 West 36th Street. I have been reading about macarons on the Foodbuzz entries lately (just go to Foodbuzz from the ad to the left, and search on macaron for a number of entries).

When I first read about these gorgeous little treats, I was confused. I'd never heard of a macaron. I'd heard of a macaroon - and these are obviously not those. And I thought, I need to find some of these babys - they must be here in the city that doesn't sleep!

So, when I stumbled upon this adorable little shop, I had to sneak in while the valet brought Kathy her car. The case was filled with fluffy gem like cookies, and they are flavors like lavender honey, grapefruit, passion fruit and creme de sal. I could have easily found a couple dozen to take home, but I was able to hold myself back. I bought a box of 6, which were placed in a beautiful see-thought box which lined the cookies up in a pretty row, and the box was placed in a special clear shopping bag which allows anyone walking by you to see your treats (and probably makes them think - oooh! I want some of those!).

When I got home, Rick and I tasted and savored them. The outside is a poof or a light crack as you break the tender outter shell. Then the cookie becomes pleasingly chewy with light sweet filling inside. These are a serious treat!

If you do go to Foodbuzz, you will see entries about how to make these. And, if you don't have a macaron shop near you, I highly recommend you set aside a day to try them. But if you are lucky, really really lucky, and you have a shop near by, go immediately! Macarons are a special treat :)