Friday, February 26, 2010

Stuffed Jalapenos - The Perfect Cocktail Bite!

Yesterday I used some leftovers, and some things in the fridge that needed to get used before they went bad. At Christmastime I bought back a bunch of groceries, including the remaining bacon and bleu cheese crumbles that were still left. Then I also had some fresh jalapenos left over from football season (peppers stay so nicely in the crisper!). Earlier this week I baked a bunch of chicken, and I had leftovers from that too.

So - I figured, what the heck? Let's make stuffed jalapenos!

I had a whole pound of jalapenos (what? they were on sale!), and I remembered that it is recommended to wear gloves when you cut hot peppers. I didn't have any gloves, but my hands are pretty dry from winter, so I was pretty sure the oil from the jalapenos would sink right in. So, I rubbed olive oil on my hands. If you decided to use this technique, be absolutely sure to be very careful. The oil makes your hands very slippery, and you need to use a sharp knife.

So, I cut the peppers in half lengthwise (making little boats) and deseed them. Then I roasted them for about 25 minutes. I saw this on Guy Fieri's show - pre-baking the peppers you can cook them to taste without overcooking the cheese :)

I made the stuffing like this:

8 oz light cream cheese
1C light sour cream
1C bleu cheese crumbles
2C finely chopped chicken
16 oz bacon cooked crisply and crumbled
Fresh ground pepper to taste

Mix the ingredients together and stuff the pepper boats. This makes ALOT of stuffing, so you may want to cut it down to a quarter or half. Also, the stuffing tastes much better after sitting overnight. Bake the peppers for an additional 25 minutes, let cool 5 minutes and enjoy!

Now to find more things to stuff with the left over stuffing...maybe zucchini boats???
And here is a photo of the lovely snow we are getting today :) Almost March :)