Friday, February 19, 2010

Lan Sheng - Yum Yum Yum

Rick called me today and suggested we go out to lunch. He figured he was going to be toast by the end of the day, so why not share a little time while we were both more awake ;) I remembered an entry on Mid Town Lunch that intrigued me enough to email it Rick, thinking to myself, hmmm it's in my email so I'll be able to find it when we do go to lunch. That was January 6th, so I'm pretty impressed I was able to find it!

Lan Sheng is at 60 W 39th Street - the rough area fades away when you step inside and are pleasantly surprised by pretty banquettes and tables, snuggled together as they are everywhere in the city. We were quickly seated, and took Zack's recommendations. Rick had the Lan Sheng Special Chicken, boneless chicken with crispy skin, served on a bed of shredded lettuce, with a nice flavor that I only got a glimpse dish, the Double Sauteed Pork was spicy warm, with a delicious sauce and sauteed spicy warm peppers and scallions, and it was much stronger than Rick's. So after a couple of  bites of mine, his didn't really tast like much. He liked it though :) Rick also liked the positive vibe of the joint :) Lunch dishes here are served with a soup or spring roll to start, and are only $6.95 each.

There are table tents describing specials on every table using only asian symbols and the amount of the dish. As we were finishing up our meal, exclaiming at how much we liked it, a group sat at the banquette near us. They must have been regulars, because the guy immediately exclaims with a chuckle in his voice "Hey, I can't read this - what are the specials??" The waiter laughed and said "I will order for you." Another of the group started looking at the lunch special menus from which Rick and I had ordered. The waiter laughed more and said, "That is no good. I will order for you." I'm dying to know what the waiter brought them! After that I decided I may as well take a photo of our empty plates! I know, silly, but it was too good to take a photo after only one bite!