Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Silver Leaf Tavern, a relaxing afterwork locale

I got off the bus after riding for quite a while yesterday - the rain made it pretty depressing, and since I didn't sleep, it was long.

Rick called just as he was about to leave work to kindly offer to meet somewhere after for a cocktail, even though he was not in the mood. I was tired enough that I took him up on it.

I've been wanting to try the Silver Leaf Tavern on 70 Park for a while. There are signs outside about happy hour - $5 well drinks, $5 wine and $4 bottled beer with $2 and $5 bites. I like a deal, so what the heck?

We walked in around 6:30 ( happy hour is 5 - 7) and looked at the menu. It was the regular menu and martinis and specialty cocktails were $15, and appetizers were available. Someone at the bar asked for a happy hour martini, so we asked the bartender about it. She brought out the happy hour menu. Regular well martinis, cosmos and manhattans were $5 - we ordered a cosmo for me, and a manhattan for Rick, and a bowl of spiced nuts for $2 ($7 on the regular menu). They were fine - premade and stored in the fridge, and the nuts were a mix of peanuts and others. They had live music (Tuesday nights and Thursday nights only) which was nice, and with good seats at the bar to catch up on our days. There was a nice upscale feel to this place, and we enjoyed the ambiance. I'd call it a hidden gem even though the martinis were not shaken or stirred. Don't go often - I want to be sure I get a seat next time ;)