Saturday, September 18, 2010


I just got back from the 3 Mo Divas show at the legendary Apollo Theater. I printed a few alternate ways to get to the theater at 253 W 125th St on the web site. It worked out well, because I left an hour before the show, and I found just before that they estimated it would take an hour to get there. I was able to see a few ways to shave a few minutes off thankfully, and the subway gods were on my side, so I arrived from Grand Central via the 5 train to 125th Street and walked over to the theater.

The people at the Apollo immediately make you feel welcome, and I was ushered to the intimate theater on the 3rd floor. My seat was in the last row, but at the last moment the house manager invited folks to sit closer, so I ended up in the 4th row. And from this perspective, I could hear each intake of breath, each step on the stage, and each moment when someone started a new song and that gentle or forceful initiation of sound from deep in the gut. This show was designed as one with "living room intimacy", and wow - it you get the chance, you must, must, must go to this show.

3 Mo Divas sing through their show illustrating 10 different types of music. As classically trained vocalists, 2 sopranos and a contralto, it was just simply amazing to see the range of opera to disco, and broadway to gospel done fabulously. The show is so tight, that it is even better in person than on the CD (which I am playing right this very minute!). And just so you know, the CD is pretty damn good.