Friday, September 3, 2010

Crispo and Comix

I got tickets from Theater Extras to see the writers from SNL, HBO and the Comedy Channel at Comix - we hadn't been to a comedy show in forever, and I was looking forward to it :)

I got a res at Crispo - yes another Italian place :D It looked very rustic and cool, and it was just down the street from the club. The reviews were fabulous, and the house specialty is carbonara!

We got there around 6 as the show was at 7:30. I started with a lemoncello martini rimmed with a sweet sanding sugar, and Rick had the reliable grey goose on the rocks. We sipped and enjoyed the locale - it very much reminded us of Portsmouth with the long thin dining room, the brick walls and hewn beams. Our server was fabulous and personable. In a place that is so casual in appearance, you don't expect this professionalism, and it's such a treat! We started with the Fontina & Prosciutto Crostini - oh the little toasts of heaven! I need to make these oh so much more often!

For dinner there was a spaghetti and meatballs special - this isn't usually on the menu. Rick had been craving just this dish! I ordered the carbonara - it is the house specialty of course. The server tipped me off to expect it to come with a very soft poached egg and cheese which I would mix in at the table. It came as described and I mixed the strands of spaghetti with the cheese and egg, and voila! I see exactly how easily carbonara is made, and damn, it's really not that bad for you! One small egg and a handful of cheese with the bacon and pasta. I always thought they also put in butter and cream. A pleasant surprise! And of course it was magic in my mouth.

We made our way over to Comix, and it's really a nice little club! A word of advice though. Do not trust their servers when they say the strawberry daiquiris are good. They are not! Comics were funny though :)