Friday, July 25, 2008

Floating Art Over the City

Today was a really nice day - summer warm with out that unbelievable humidity that seems to always hang over the island of Manhattan. I wanted to go do something outdoors, and read about the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Met in the NY Times.

The Met has been on our list as this summer there is a special exhibit about superhero costumes.
Rick loves to play City Of Heros ( ) and he spends quite a bit of time designing the costumes for the heros he creates. Currently he's playing Swordmaster. I thought he'd enjoy seeing the superhero exhibition, and we both did. They had the original costumes from Superman (a la Christopher Reeve), and Wonder Woman (a la Lynda Carter), and 2 Spiderman costumes (Tobey McGuire) and even the Batman costume from the recently released Dark Knight movie. These costumes were interspersed with fashion which was inspired by the character's costumes - some from the 60's, 70's, 80's and even current. Interestingly, some pairings were reverse - maybe the hero's costume was inspired by the previous couture.

Rick's feet were killing him after working all day (not mine since I live a life of leisure these days) so we went to the roof for the Jeff Koons display.

The dog is the first thing you see when you come out on to the deck - this was in the ad on the website and in the paper. Kinda cool to see it with the tops of buildings and trees in the background.

There were 3 pieces displayed on the roof, along with a martini bar on a Friday night. Quite a few folks were up here, but still plenty of room to take pictures and mill about. We got ourselves some very overpriced Coronas (who can drink a martini when it's 90 degrees out?), and milled about.

This piece looks like one of those Italian chococlate Easter eggs - that's alotta chocolate!!

I think there was only 1 bench on the entire deck on which to sit, and it was taken. Nice view of the park and the skyline though....

We made our way back to the apartment to put up our feet :)