Friday, July 11, 2008

Professional Shopping with Kathy

My friend Kathy comes to NYC occasionally for work, and I've been hoping she will come to visit when her incredibly busy schedule allows. Kathy is always dressed to the 9's, and I know when she comes that we will be POWER SHOPPING!

I've been watching Clinton and Stacey on TLC's What Not To Wear - actually watching them a lot since I'm between jobs - and getting the scoop on good places to SHOP! I visited a couple when Ann came to visit in June, but I continue to work hard to find the best shopping locales :)

This past week I visited Saks Fifth Avenue - they were having the end of season sale with 50% off the ticketed prices. I will note that in this store I found my first $1650.00 blazer - not 50% off the ticketed price. I did find other things that were quite reasonable once on sale - and frankly there are times I would pay full price, but not today and not while I don't have a paycheck.

Today I was at the preview day of Macy's One Day Sale (which ironically is 2 days - the preview day and the actual day). I went up to the 7th floor where all the good stuff is, and collected some good Jones New York and loved the Calvin Klien separates that can be suits. I tried on a bazillion things - the whole time I heard Kathy exclaiming over all the beautiful clothes, as well as Stacey and Clinton's commentary on what I was trying on...

I must have waited in line for 25 minutes - there were people in line who said it was worse than during the Christmas season. I'm thinking I'll be doing a lot of Christmas shopping on line.

Overall, the day was beautiful, not too humid, and it was good to pick up a few cheap shorts :) When Kathy comes to NYC, I'll have a few great places to take her that will enable her to add to her fabulous wardrobe :)

7/25/08 - Found a new store to explore - Lee Lee's Valise in Brooklyn. It has gotten rave reviews on the web - I'll bet it will have some pretty fabulous stuff in for Fall soon :)