Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Suzee's Chopped Salad

Rick sent me an email yesterday letting me know that there was going to be a potluck lunch at work on Thursday. He said it looked like they needed "snacks" and "desserts". He suggested that he could pick something up and "rebrand" it in tupperware. I'm thinking a) everything in NYC to pick up would result in $30 in cookies and b) no way are you taking my tupperware. I suggested that I could make oatmeal cookies or chocolate chip cookies - I wasn't really sure what he meant by "snacks", but figured for a potluck, a fresh salad might be appreciated. He agreed.

Today I went to U Don't Know Nothing Produce on 84th and York and picked up a few things for my contribution to Rick's potluck :) I really wish it was closer. My feet hurt. The good news is there is the Starbucks on 84th and 1st with a nice patio - that with an iced non-fat latte is a nice little break on the way home.

So - here is the recipe - cut everything to about the size of the black beans or a little smaller, except the onion (go a little smaller) and the cilantro (mince this).

Salad ingredients:
1 can black beans (well rinsed)
1 European cuke chopped
1 pint grape tomatoes quartered
1 yellow pepper chopped
1/2 red onion chopped
1/2 bunch fresh cilantro minced

Dressing ingredients:
1T red wine vinegar
1T lime juice
1 packet of splenda (or substitute a teaspoon of sugar or honey - whatever sweetenter you like)
1/4 t ground smoked chipotle pepper (0r to taste - it's not that spicy)
mix all this
Add 1 T nice olive oil, mix again

Take all salad ingrediants and toss with the dressing.

I like the salad ingredients because they are all about the same density - if you had other veggies that were similar you could try that. If you like it, be sure to let me know!