Sunday, July 27, 2008

NYC Waterfalls

Saturday was a gorgeous day - 90 degrees, not too humid, and as predicted, today is filled with thunderstorms. I'm glad we got out of the house yesterday :)

We made our way to Fulton Street via the 4/5 subway - there must have been a problem as it took about 4 trains from the other direction to come by before a train came for us, but we made it! We walked the 10 or so blocks from the subway toward Water Street and the Seaport area. There was a gorgeous breeze - a wind actually - and it made the air feel nice and cool. We came to see the public art installation - the waterfalls - and to have lunch at a new spot.

Since it was Saturday, there were a lot of people. We kept walking looking for pier 17 as I had read on another blog that it's a nice place to eat. I didn't realize that Pier 17 is actually the tired mall there I wrote about earlier (see Grease). As we got closer to the end, there were fewer people (though still plenty) and we were able to get through a little more easily. There must be about a dozen restaurants on Pier 17 - we selected to eat at Harbor Lights on the third floor. They had a beautiful deck area overlooking the East River.

We could see two of the 4 waterfalls from this location.

And we enjoyed the breeze and the food here on the deck.

The restaurant was located on the backside of the pier, so it was pretty quiet compared to the front. Rick had a cheeseburger and fries, and I had seared scallops with rosoto. I'd say the food was very much secondary to the view and location, but we enjoyed our lunch, and moved back toward the front side of the pier. Here are some photos.

On the front side of the pier, you are able to see the other two waterfalls (there are a total of 4). I thought they were a nice summertime art installation, but I'm a big waterfall fan.

There were quite a few cruise operators on the pier and the water taxi too, if you'd like to do a boat ride. There were also bikes to rent. We made our way back after lunch as it was threatening to rain and the wind had picked up enough that the sidewalk vendors were closing down their booths. When we got back to the upper east side, the sun was shining. Must have just been a passing cloud.