Thursday, July 17, 2008

White Trash Wednesday

On Wednesday nights, Rick and I traditionally go out for happy hour and grab some dinner. Lately we've been going to the UpTown on 3rd Ave.

Wednesday nights the Uptown has a martini special, and they offer about 20 different types of martinis to try. On top of that, they have about 20 different types of yummy appetizers. So this is really a great place to go after work for good gossiping I'd imagine.

Last night it was kind of loud, and we wanted more than just nibbles, so we started walking to find some real dinner. We started north on 3rd Ave and came upon Brother Jimmy's BBQ.

A sandwich board on the way in announced that tonight was White Trash Wednesday. Tall Buds were $3.50 and regular Pabst Blue Ribbon were $2. And for 12.95 they had all you can eat fried chicken, meatloaf, rib tips, corn dogs, mac and cheese, tuna casserole, potato salad and hush puppies. Not exactly health food, but we were up for something warm and it sounded strangely fetching. The waitress described how we would order 3 items, and she would bring it out, and and then when we were ready, she would bring more of which ever thing we'd like.

We ordered a couple of Bud Lights, expecting a 16 oz can. I realize that there are only 8 ounces between 16 and 24, but those 24 oz cans she brought looked REALLY BIG. I could almost imagine the couch on the front lawn, and the ice in the dead washing machine. The old time country music was playing - we even heard a little Johnny Cash.

Rick ordered some fried chicken, some meatloaf and a corn dog, and I tried the fried chicken, some rib tips and some mac and cheese. The fried chicken was really good - we both liked that. Rick really liked the corn dog - I thought it was kind of weird to have the sweet corn bread with the salty hot dog, but maybe I just needed more than one bite. The other stuff was fine, but definitely white trash.

I could see going back to White Trash Wednesday, but I think I'll order a salad!