Friday, September 5, 2008

Dave and Michele come to visit!

Today Dave and Michele, Rick's parents, braved the 5:30 am bus schedule and made their way to NYC. I had a second interview this morning, and on my way out the door I got a call from Michele that they would be arriving around 11:30. The Greyhound website made it look like they would arrive at 1:00 so I'm really glad she called! Since it was just an hour and a half until they arrived, and I was in that part of town, and Macy's was between here and there, I did a little shopping and then went to pick them up. They still had smiles on their faces when they got into Port Authority so the trip went well. We took a cab to the upper east side and made our way to the apartment.

After bio breaks, a 5 cent tour and a glass of water (whew, it's hot again) we decided to hit Cilanto's for lunch. Michele had a Chicken Burrito, and Dave had a Chicken Taco and Rick and I had Steak Burritos. They have really tasty salsa here too - a salsa fresca, with plantain chips and colored tortilla chips. We ordered drinks - Michele and I had the sangria - a kind of red wine punch with red raspberries as a garnish - very yummy! Dave ordered a cold beer, and Rick had a frozen margarita to sooth his sore throat. It was really hot out so it was nice to have a little zing in our drinks :)

After getting up way before o-dark-thirty, Dave and Michele checked into the Marriott Courtyard in the upper east side, and I think Dave might have had a bit of a snooze. This is a gift to them to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, so maybe they celebrated - who knows? :)

They returned for dinner, and we had a little rice, a little chicken a little mushrooms and a little gravy. Dinner was little because I baked an apple pie the day before, and we wanted to get to the good stuff :) I probably should have brewed some decaf coffee, but I didn't think of it. We sat at the table and caught up on life and how everything is going, and then started talking about what to do tomorrow. We are going to wait to see how the weather turns out - the remains of hurricante Hannah are supposed to rain on us, but maybe we'll get lucky and stay dry :)