Sunday, September 7, 2008

Playing Tourist on a Rainy Weekend Day in NYC

We woke up yesterday, and it looked like we missed the early morning shower - everything was wet, but it wasn't raining now. I logged on to and looked at the hour by hour outline to see how the day might play out weather wise. We had a chance earlier in the day to miss the rain, but later was a 100% chance to meet Tropical Storm Hannah for ourselves.

We all went out for breakfast at Midnight Express on the corner of 2nd Ave and 89th street. They have lots of windows and airconditioning so you can people watch in comfort :) Rick had eggs benedict, Michele had an omlette and Dave and I had a couple eggs with sausage. Everybody got homefries and toast. We were all fueled and ready for adventure.

Since it was going to be a crummy day, we decided to forgo the double decker bus tour. Dave was interested in going to the American Museum of Natural History (the one from the movie "Night at the Museum" with Ben Stiller) and when I mentioned the Macy's One Day sale to Michele, her eyes just twinkled, so we decided that the girls and the boys would go their separate ways and meet up around 3 or 4. We had reservations at Meson Sevilla for dinner at 5:30 and we were going to see a show after, so we still had lots to do together.

Michele and I took a cab from the restaurant to Macy's, and although we didn't bank on mid-town traffic, we did get there in 1 piece! I think because the weather was so crummy and it was expected to rain that not as many people were at the store. This was great for us - get our of our way we are power shopping! We looked at dresses and shoes and casual wear and business wear... we both got a pair of very cute and comfortable mary-janes, and Michele bought this totebag to remember her NYC trip.

When it was time to head back to the apartment, we decided to just take the subway since the cab had taken so long earlier. It would have been faster, too, if I hadn't missed our stop at 59th and Lex from the N/R/W. Since I missed that, we ended up in Queens and had to double back. Whoops! While we chit chatted waiting for the train back to Manhattan, I took another picture of Michele with all our loot!

At this point we are pretty much melting - the tropical storm had pushed the humidity into the city and I think it was at 99.999%. Michele had the great idea to skip dinner out and just order pizza for dinner as it was getting late. We hopped the train to Manhattan and then got on the 5 train to the 86th street stop. The rain was coming down in buckets at this point, and someone was looking out for us because low and behold, there was a cab for us just outside the subway.

We got back and the boys were watching Superman Returns (thanks Netflix!), all stretched out and comfy. They enjoyed the dinasaurs and fossils at the museum, and Dave noted that you could spend a number of days there to really see everything.

We caught our breath and rehydrated from our adventure. The guys were glad to have pizza, so we ordered Dominos on line - a couple Brooklyn's with pepperoni. Michele and Dave walked to their hotel (in the rain with only 1 umbrella! :( and got showered and dressed for the show, and we got all dolled up too. We cabbed it over to the West Side Theater and made our way to the second floor so we could take in "The Marvelous Wonderettes".

I ordered the tickets a couple weeks ago on as suggested by one blog reader (thank you Elphaba!) so we just picked them up at the will-call window and were in the 10th row. It was an intimate theater, and the show was great. It was filled with familiar pop songs from the 50's and 60's, and they used the songs to express the story kind of in the same way that Mamma Mia does. Not the same story at all, just a similar approach. It was a very good show, the 4 actresses were great character acters and vocalists. We all enjoyed it!

After the show, Dave and Michele came back to the apartment with us for a post show cocktail. Once we got everything poured and everybody comfortable, I remembered we still had half an apple pie! We got to have dessert too :) We stayed up way too late, but we had a lot of fun.

This morning we got up earlier and walked over to have brunch at Timmy's on the River. The weather is entirely different than yesterday - the sky is as clear as a bell, the temp is at least 15 degrees cooler and there is zero humidity. We decided to eat outside, and got a great table. We enjoyed the eggs and homefries and very tasty multigrain toast - all with a river view and a pleasant breeze.

After we went back to the Mariott Courtyard so Dave and Michele could check out. I got a peek at their room - a corner with a river view and large enough for a loveseat! It's a nice hotel - much nicer than the Marriot in mid-town.

I escorted Dave and Michele to their gate at Port Authority for the noon bus back to Boston so they could catch a 5:45 back to the Manchester Airport. I got some parting shots. They said they had a great time, and I can see by the smiles they definitely did :)