Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back To School??

Wow - what a day! Job search was A#1 today - a phone interview in the morning, then follow up documents, then pulling together my resume (thanks Rick for setting up the printer on your machine :) and whoops, the updates need to go on nice paper - don't have any here, so I'll just run to Staples - it's only 4 or 5 blocks away. I get there and in order to have the resume printed, I needed to leave it all there and come back later. That wasn't going to work, so I decided to just buy the nice paper. I went to the second floor where all the retail stuff was via the elevator. I picked up the paper, and then realized there are literally 75 people in line, and 4 cashiers. The chick behind me was bitching on the phone about how the schools should send home the "requirement lists" for the kids before school starts. Well, that explains it. I went to my face to face interview, with my resume on nice paper, and nobody needed a copy. Ah well - they must have already read it since I was there :)