Sunday, August 31, 2008

Things I love about Portsmouth

- a private deck containing a weber grill suitable for grilling anything that tickles my fancy, sitting out while the mesquito magnet removes the mesquitos, and solving the worlds problems with Rick.
- motorcycle rides to Petey's Summertime Seafood Restaurant.
- The annual lobster bake.
- Hosting friends and family in our home.
- hanging out at the beach, including the occasional dragging of Rick to the beach for coffee early in the morning.
- having a garage and a car
- storage for loads of christmas decorations and ornaments
- stopping at the 99 for dinner for less than $35 or the Rusty Hammer for less than $30
- going to the Music Hall, the Theater by the Sea, and Prescott Park festival
- Market Square Day or New Years Eve downtown
- sirloin tips on the grill from the Meat House with a rich cabernet
- room to have a wine cellar to let my cabernets age gracefully
- the Portsmouth Farmers Market every Saturday morning in summer, and $6 lobster rolls for brunch
- corn stands and fresh tomatoes
- fresh salty air