Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday To Us!

That was the first message I got yesterday after Rick sleepily wished me a Happy Birthday - my friend Ann had sent an email when she got up at oh-dark-thirty, and it reminded me of our 29th birthday when we shamelessly sang at the top of our lungs in the residential condos where I lived late at night - including on my back patio. In Portsmouth most people sleep in summer with the windows open as the ocean keeps the air cool at night. Needless to say, the next morning all my neighbors wished me a happy birthday :) It was a fun birthday and this one was too.

Ann and I shared emails throughout the morning, and I got a call from Mom and one from Pa - yes they do still live together, but sometimes they are on different farm schedules. My friend Darrah was sweet to send a card, and I woke up to roses Rick so sweetly and thoughtfully brought home the previous evening.

Rick made reservations at the Oyster Bar for lunch - a beautiful historic seafood restaurant located in the lower level of Grand Central Terminal. That blue thing in the middle is the lobster tank!

When I arrived at the restaurant, the m'aitre d thoughtfully wished me a Happy Birthday :) Rick was on a conference call, so he was delayed a couple of minutes, but when he arrived he grabbed the camera and took my picture. I took one of him too. The waitress kindly took one of the two of us.

At lunch it was difficult to decide what to order! I changed my mind at least 5 times. I finally settled on the clams casino for an appetizer - cherrystones pried open and topped with butter, garlic, minced red bell pepper and crisp bacon, roasted and served on the half shell. I rarely find these in restaurants, and while usually they aren't as good as when my friend Suzanne makes them by the panful, these were very very fresh and tasty! For lunch I had pan seared scallops topped by a cherry tomato salsa with sauteed veggies. The scallops were so sweet and fresh - and I love cilantro so it was a great flavor combination. I even talked Rick into trying a bite, and he liked it! Woo Hoo! Now I can make them at home! Rick started with a green salad, and had broiled haddock - normally he doesn't order fish, but he's agreed to eat it once a week since it's good for him :)

After lunch we decided to take home a very small birthday cake from the bakery in Grand Central Market - Zaros's had a Chocolate Blackout cake - it was chocolate cake, with chocolate pudding between the layers, and chocolate icing and chocolate cookie crumbs over the top. We decided a picnic with a small slice of cake and champagne in bed would be fabulous for dinner since we had such a big lunch ;)

I left Grand Central and Rick went back to work, and I headed to Blooming Nails II on Lex. I hadn't had a pedicure since Ann came to visit in June, and I really needed one. Seemed like a nice way to spend a birthday afternoon. I picked out one of the new fall colors - a dark grapey purple. My pedicurist, Ann, spent an hour and 15 minutes scrubbing, rubbing, moisturizing and painting my toes (and feet and legs). It was amazing! I think since it was a mid week afternoon, and the shop was slow, she spent extra time :)

I stopped on the way home to pick up some strawberries at Grestedes on Lex and a medium dry pink champagne at Mister Wright's on Third for our picnic later. Wow - that champagne - well, it was really sparkling wine since it was from California - a Chandon Rose - it was *perfect* with the cake and the strawberries. The evening was wonderful :)